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Dali Matrix® PS is a digital transport based Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System (ERRCS). Dali Matrix PS is an advanced digital Distributed Antenna System (DAS) that provides secure, highquality signal transport over a high availability system designed specifically to support both current and future public safety requirements.

Dali Matrix PS has a flexible modular architecture – headend units that can accept base station or off-air feeds, an optional digital aggregation / distribution unit, and medium power remote radio units (RRUs).  The system supports both P25 Phase I and II, and FirstNet via software configurable upgrades and pluggable RF modules.


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Dali Matrix PS in Action:

The Dali Matrix hdHost PS receives RF signals from base stations. The airHost is an integrated off-air/headend unit that is designed for off-air interfacing to public safety base stations. Both hosts convert the RF signal into digital packets and then delivers the content to the medium powered remote radio units. The optional digital distribution unit (hdDDU) enables an extra level of flexibility in topology and redundancy architectures.

Dali matrix public safety system diagram overview


Dali Matrix PS Digital DAS system



Interfaces with Base Stations (BTS) or Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) over analog RF. Converts signals from analog RF to digital data packets and intelligently routes the digital signals through the hdDDU or directly to the remotes. Processes up to 4 public safety RF bands simultaneously.








Provides off-air interfacing to public safety donor base stations via dual or quad-band integrated off-air/headend unit. Filters and amplifies RF signals to a composite power of up to 2W per band or 5W per band.








Receives digital data streams from one or more host units and re-distributes the data to multiple remote units.






ps remotes


Processes up to 3 or 4 RF bands simultaneously. Has pluggable RF band modules with RF output power of 2W or 5W per band.





control unit


Centralizes, integrates, and streamlines the management and control of large single and multiple system deployments.






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