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  • Catherine Lopushinsky

Favorable Court Decision Strengthens Dali Wireless’ Patent Infringement Case Against Commscope

Updated: May 4, 2022

Dali files suit against CommScope Technologies LLC and CommScope Holding Company, Inc. alleging infringement of U.S. Patents 10,045,314 and 10,080,178; seeking damages and an injunction to stop manufacturing, sale, and distribution of CommScope OneCell and ION-E products

Menlo Park, CA, USA — January 18, 2018 — Dali Wireless, Inc. (“Dali”) received a significant decision from the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, which sided with Dali on several case critical disputes regarding the construction of seven patents in suit. Of particular significance, the Court specifically rejected CommScope’s attempt to invalidate Dali’s US Patent No. 9,531,473 by limiting the inventive concept of the patent to an “intended use.” The ‘473 Patent discloses a novel approach for remotely reconfiguring digital DAS in response to the real time physical location of subscribers. By rejecting CommScope’s argument, the Court preserved the technological breakthrough of Dali’s invention.

“Dali is extremely pleased by the Court’s thoughtful and carefully considered Order,” said Basem Anshasi, Executive Vice President of Dali Wireless. “We are confident in the validity of our patents and are equally confident that our advanced technology does not infringe CommScope’s aging patents. Dali will continue to be an innovation leader and will forge the path to creating advanced solutions for the digital DAS market.”

The Court’s Order can be found at United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division Case 3:16-cv-00477.

About Dali Wireless

Dali Wireless is a wireless infrastructure innovator providing new and better ways to handle exponential growth in mobile data traffic. Dali’s fully digital wireless signal routing solution revolutionizes in-building and outdoor coverage and capacity by eliminating interference and maximizing spectrum usage. The company’s groundbreaking patented virtual Fronthaul Interface (vFI™) is an intelligent aggregator-router and key enabler of RAN virtualization elevating networks to 5G readiness. Mobile operators, large enterprises and public safety networks around the world deploy Dali technology to ensure high-quality service and a seamless migration to 5G. See or follow us on Twitter @daliwireless.

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