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Dali Wireless® Unveils Network Management System (NMS) 2.0 at CTIA 2014 to Bring SDN to the Antenna

Menlo Park, Calif. & CTIA Super Mobility Week 2014, Las Vegas, Nevada – September 9, 2014 – Dali Wireless, a global provider of advanced end-to-end digital RF Router® that transcends DAS, today unveils the Dali Network Management System (NMS) 2.0. This powerful and easy-to-use management tool brings Software Defined Networking (SDN) to the antenna through Radio Access Network (RAN) virtualization.

Dali’s unique end-to-end digital RF signal processing capability combined with software configurability (Dali NMS 2.0) mobilizes cellular coverage and capacity. In conjunction with Dali’s ability to support multiple standards, frequencies and operators, RAN virtualization is achievable today. This provides network operators with flexible resource allocation capabilities, ultimately leading to less complex network deployment and operations all the way to the antenna. By bringing SDN to the antenna, network operators enhance the intelligence of the mobile infrastructure by creating a dynamic, software-configurable network with a centralized control through NMS 2.0.

Dali NMS 2.0 provides a comprehensive view of the Dali’s radio distribution network, including the RF Router and its suite of indoor and outdoor radio remotes. With centralized monitoring and control, radio distribution networks can now be effectively managed from any browser-compatible device, anywhere in the world. This removes operational complexity by streamlining the management of small to large radio distribution networks in multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-operator environments.

“As service providers look to consolidate their network operations, Dali NMS 2.0 empowers them with a single platform to unify all the radio distribution management functions,” said Albert Lee, Chief Executive Officer at Dali Wireless. “With an integrated, end-to-end view of the complete radio distribution network, operators can shift the network management paradigm from reactive to proactive. They now have the flexibility to deliver compelling and differentiated services, and have the scalability to help them seamlessly transition to a virtualized RAN.”

With the rapidly changing wireless ecosystem, having the ability to allocate coverage and capacity on demand, and to support new technologies and MIMO as well as sharing infrastructure amongst operators as required is very important to provide the best user experience. Dali NMS 2.0 allows all of these features to be software configurable within the RF Router radio distribution network. This means previous fundamentally time-consuming tasks like re-wiring the physical distribution network can now be executed – even remotely – through the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of Dali NMS 2.0. Some of the capabilities include aggregating signals from base stations of multiple mobile operators and transporting them over a single fiber to the radio remotes, dynamic capacity allocation and guaranteed power allocation.

For more information, visit us at booth #2462 at CTIA’s 4G World.

About Dali Wireless

Founded in 2006, Dali Wireless is a global provider of digital-over-fiber wireless distribution systems that provide significant advantages over traditional passive and active distributed antenna systems. It is the most versatile, cost-effective, best performing solution for extending the coverage and capacity of wireless carriers indoors and outdoors. More information is available at, by email at, or by calling (604) 420-7760. To stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and Dali Wireless news, follow us on Twitter @DaliWireless.

Media Contact

Wendy Har (604) 420-7760 ext. 1205

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