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Dali Wireless Unveils High Power Radio Remote Unit Engineered to Help Network Operators Deal with...

Extreme Environments

Fanless design minimizes operational and maintenance costs

Menlo Park, Calif. (May 7, 2014) – Dali Wireless, Inc., a global provider of the advanced all-digital RF Router®, announced today that the company has launched a high-power, fanless (no moving parts) remote radio unit designed to withstand “X-tremely” harsh environments that are prone to dust and extreme weather. t43X also boasts a best-in-class mean time between failures (MTBF), resulting in minimal operational and maintenance costs and allowing network operators to reallocate the budget-savings to other operational expenditures. With t43X, seamless cellular and public safety communication is enabled in severe environmental sites such as tunnels, subways, mining fields and other settings that are prone to humidity or dampness, dirt or soot, and extremely hot or cold climates. t43X can also be deployed for in-building with limited HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and/or when silence is a requirement.t43X’s high output power (43 dBm) is achieved through the tight integration between Dali’s proprietary digital pre-distortion (DPD) algorithms and the enhanced Doherty power amplifier. Combined with Dali’s leading-edge heat extraction technology, t43X is a reliable solution for places which require radio functionality in uncompromising conditions.

“Dali Wireless’ inaugural launch of a high power, fanless digital remote expands our t-Series product family, helping us to empower network operators to provide coverage and capacity in any environment, no matter how adverse it might be,” said Shawn Stapleton, Chief Technology Officer of Dali Wireless. “With the ability to accommodate multiple operators and bands, and to be vendor standards-agnostic, the t-Series is the ultimate solution for the rapidly evolving mobile communications ecosystem.”

t43X is part of the t-Series™, an all-digital RF Router system with patented dynamic capacity allocation capabilities. The t-Series allows mobile operators and enterprises to dynamically allocate capacity where and when it is needed. This is achieved through Dali’s proprietary mixed signal processing algorithms that transform any radio signal into addressable frames/data packets, enabling radio access network (RAN) of N to M signal connections – a software (SW) definable topology for capacity routing. This unique architecture allows on-demand routing of radio capacity utilizing flexible simulcast ratio to avoid challenges associated with conventional RAN architecture: link budget, capacity over-provisioning, interference and handovers. The Dali RF Router can improve useable capacity by over 20 percent as compared to conventional small cells.

About Dali Wireless

Founded in 2006, Dali Wireless is a global provider of digital-over-fiber wireless distribution systems that provide significant advantages over traditional passive and active distributed antenna systems. It is the most versatile, cost-effective, best performing solution for extending the coverage and capacity of wireless carriers indoors and outdoors. More information is available at, by email at, or by calling (604) 420-7760

Media Contact

Wendy Har (604) 420-7760 ext. 1205

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