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Dali Wireless to Showcase Public Safety Platform Selected by Dallas Forth Worth (DFW) Airport at...

APCO 2015

DFW Airport selected Dali Wireless Digital DAS platform for public safety. Visit Dali Wireless in booth 1808 and learn how the all-digital public safety platform is enhancing in-building public safety coverage and access to ensure first responders get reliable mission-critical communications

Menlo Park, Calif. & Washington, D.C., APCO 2015 – August 12, 2015 – Dali Wireless, Inc., a global provider of the advanced all-digital RF Router®, announced today that the company will be showcasing its public safety solution – the t-Series® PS – that was selected by Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport, at APCO 2015, held in Washington, DC from August 16-19, 2015.

The ability for first responders to handle mission-critical communications quickly and efficiently is vital during an emergency situation. As part of the DFW Airport’s efforts to support public safety, it has selected Dali Wireless to provide the design, installation, and maintenance of an all-digital Distributed Antenna System (DAS) across all five of the airport’s terminals, covering a total area of 12,000,000 square feet.

Dali’s t-Series PS is an all-digital DAS that is purpose-built to meet current public safety requirements while having the flexibility and scalability to adapt to evolving requirements as needed. Being all-digital, it enables a greater reach without signal degradation and minimized noise interference – ultimately, ensuring seamless public safety coverage and access anytime, anywhere.

“Robust in-building communications capabilities are essential for safe and effective public safety operations as agencies respond to a broad spectrum of threats,” said Ken Rehbehn, Principal Analyst at 451 Research. “As first responders increasingly turn to mobile data networks for situational awareness and command and control, the limitations of tough-to-penetrate building structures emerge as a dangerous impediment to critical missions.”

With the growing trend for high speed data communication such as live video feeds, broadband/LTE communication has become critical to public safety. t-Series PS provides the foundation to accommodate the network evolution via just software upgrades, without replacement of the cabling infrastructure. This means the system can easily adapt to changing requirements, including FirstNet, P25 Phase I & II, narrowband and broadband public safety.

Having mission-critical communication protected at all times is important, especially the data that is being transmitted. With t-Series PS, the public safety data is scrambled and segregated from control and management traffic to ensure maximum security. In addition, to ensure system resilience and reliability, the t-Series PS system is designed with a range of redundancy, automatic failover capability and fiber path diversity to minimize the impact if failure occurs.

This inherent flexibility and scalability alongside minimal noise interference and security are vital for mission-critical public safety communications. This makes t-Series PS the ideal choice for critical situations in all types of environments.

Visit Dali Wireless at APCO 2015 in booth 1808 to learn more about the advanced capabilities of the t-Series PS. In addition, register for Dali’s upcoming webinar with Ken Rehbehn, principal analyst at 451 Research, on “Public Safety Coverage Today & Impact of LTE” on September 24th, 2015 at 2:00pm ET. In this webinar, Rehbehn and Dali will discuss the current requirements of public safety, the impact of LTE, and recommendations on how to meet the current public safety requirements while being able to adapt to evolving future requirements. To register, click here.

For more details about the DFW Airport project, click here

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