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Dali Wireless to Showcase Its RF Router® Wireless Distribution System at PCIA’s 2013 Wireless...

Infrastructure Show

Palo Alto, CA (September 24, 2013)Dali Wireless will feature its advanced RF Router wireless distribution system at PCIA’s 2013 Wireless Infrastructure Show on October 7 to 10 in Hollywood, Florida, Booth 713/715. Dr. Peter Walters, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, will also moderate a panel session on “Base Station Hoteling” at the show.

The RF Router system, recently introduced by Dali Wireless, is a digital-over-fiber wireless distribution system that extends wireless carrier coverage and capacity indoors and outdoors in almost any environment. It has a reach up to 40 km over a single fiber, far greater than any competing analog or RF-over-fiber system.

The system is based on Dali’s t-Series intelligent tHost network router, low-power t30 indoor and high-power t43 outdoor remote units, complemented by network, element, and capacity management systems. The RF Router architecture can accommodate multiple carriers, each with their own dedicated capacity resources, and provides Web-based management and control of all elements of the system from a user interface.

The session moderated by Dr. Walters describes the concept of moving the base station into a local data center and connecting to tower-or building-mounted remote radio heads with fiber via CPRI. Hoteling increases network capacity while reducing the equipment required at the tower site. The session will be held on Wednesday, October 9, in the Diplomat Ballroom 3 of the Westin Diplomat Hotel at 4:15 pm.

About Dali Wireless

Founded in 2006, Dali Wireless is a global provider of digital-over-fiber wireless distribution systems that provide significant advantages over traditional passive and active distributed antenna systems. It is the most versatile, cost-effective, best performing solution for extending the coverage and capacity of wireless carriers indoors and outdoors. More information is available at, by email at, or by calling (604) 420-7760.

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