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Dali Wireless’ Technology Ensures That Singapore Gets “Everything, Everywhere, Everytime”...


New solution means fastest Tablet and Smartphone connections at major events anywhere in Asia

NCS completes successful trial of Dali’s patented technology to bring mobile users connectivity anywhere at anytime

Visit Dali Wireless at CommunicAsia in booth IT4-07

Menlo Park, Calif. & CommunicAsia 2015, Singapore – June 2, 2015 – Wireless technology capable of providing connectivity to where and when it’s needed, helping to meet the wireless demands of users attending congested events such as Singapore’s Formula One Grand Prix or the country’s National Day, is being shown for the first time on the Dali Wireless Technology booth at this week’s CommunicAsia event in Singapore (Booth IT4-07).

Dali Wireless, Inc., a global provider of the advanced all-digital RF Router® that transcends Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), has already completed successful field trials in the heart of the city with Singtel Group member NCS, which is an ICT delivery specialist across Singapore and more than 20 other countries. Dali Wireless will be showcasing not only the successfully trialed t-Series but displaying, for the first time anywhere in Asia, its Dali Matrix™ modular platform.

“Singapore’s ‘Smart Nation Vision’ is to bring pervasive, seamless high-speed wireless connectivity to “Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, All the Time” (E3A) through technology and business innovation,” said Law Fook, Head of APAC Sales at Dali Wireless. “The visions of Dali Wireless and Singapore’s Smart Nation initiatives are the same – to provide wireless access and robust connectivity where and when it’s needed. Events like the Grand Prix – attended last year by over 80,000 people – are typical cases of when it can deliver unique levels of mobile performance.”

“With RF Router’s inherent flexibility and scalability as well as its ability to support cellular, Wi-Fi and other IP devices such as security cameras over an integrated system, Dali Wireless is a natural advocate of this initiative as the country embarks on its Smart Nation journey to support better living and create more opportunities,” Mr. Fook added.

Based on the award-winning Dali Wireless RF Router®, the t-Series platform enables wireless capacity to be pooled at a central location and dynamically routed to where and when it’s needed. With Dali’s RF Router®, spare capacity sitting idle in one part of the service area can be dynamically routed within the system to another part that needs additional capacity. With this elasticity, network resources are consumed only when required, delivering optimal end-user mobile experiences while driving down the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for mobile operators.

Mr. Fook concluded: “The successful outcomes of NCS’s live trial of t-Series for dynamic capacity allocation underscores our commitment to helping Singapore form the infrastructural foundation to bring wireless connectivity to everyone, everything, and everywhere, just like the objective of Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative.”

Visitors to the Dali booth will be able to view not only the t-Series platform, but also the Matrix, a modular platform that allows mobile operators and system integrators to effortlessly update, upgrade, and expand their wireless networks in a flexible plug-and-play approach. This powerful level of scalability empowers operators to keep up with current and future network technology trends, as frequency bands and technologies evolve and become available, without the need to overhaul their existing networks.

RF Router® and all RF Router-based solutions aim to help mobile operators truly future-proof and maximize ROI on network investments while minimizing and optimizing all future investments. Visit Dali Wireless at CommunicAsia 2015 at Booth IT4-07 to learn more.

About Dali Wireless

Founded in 2006, Dali Wireless is a global provider of digital-over-fiber wireless distribution systems that provide significant advantages over traditional passive and active distributed antenna systems. It is the most versatile, cost-effective, best performing solution for extending the coverage and capacity of wireless carriers indoors and outdoors. More information is available at, by email at, or by calling (604) 420-7760. To stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and Dali Wireless news, follow us on Twitter @DaliWireless.

About NCS

NCS is a member of the Singtel Group and the leading information, communications and technology (ICT) service provider with presence in over 20 countries. NCS delivers end-to-end ICT solutions to help governments and enterprises realise business value through the innovative use of technology. Its unique delivery capabilities include consulting, development, systems integration, outsourcing, infrastructure management and portal solutions. It also provides mobility, social networking, business analytics and cloud computing services. For more information, visit

For questions or comments regarding NCS, contact:

Wendy Tang

NCS Pte Ltd.



To schedule a briefing or a personalize demo at CommunicAsia or to learn more about Dali Wireless, contact:

Wendy Har

Dali Wireless

(604) 420-7760 x1205

Johnny Truong

Bluemunkie Collective for Dali Wireless

(916) 934-BLUE

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