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Dali Wireless Introduces Industry’s Most Advanced RF Router® System

Palo Alto, CA (Business Wire) – August 7, 2013 - Dali Wireless, Inc., today introduced the industry’s most advanced digital-over-fiber solution for delivering distributed wireless coverage and capacity. Based on the company’s t-Series™ RF Router system, it has the industry’s lowest cost of ownership while providing 6 times the reach, 3 times the bandwidth, and requiring one-third the fiber, 25% less power, and 75% less equipment space. Dali Wireless will demonstrate the network at the 2013 Wireless Infrastructure Show (October 7th to 10th, Hollywood, Florida, in Booth 713/715).

The Dali system extends the coverage and capacity of signals from wireless carriers indoors and outdoors in almost any environment up to 40 km from the host to the furthest remote — 6 times greater than any analog-over-fiber system. In addition to star and hybrid configurations, the Dali system can daisy-chain remotes one after another, eliminating the need for multiple fiber runs to serve all the remotes.

Primary components of the t-Series include tHost® units, quad-band t30™ low-power remotes for indoor applications, and quad-band t43™ high-power remotes for outdoor applications. Software options include network management and advanced capacity management systems. All network functions, addition of hardware or features, and capacity re-allocation are orchestrated from a single point via a modern user interface either locally on a PC, via Ethernet, or anywhere via a Web browser. The solution is manufactured in North America and meets FCC masking specifications, UL, CE, and NEBS standards.

With bandwidth of 164 MHz in both the uplink and downlink paths, the system can simultaneously accommodate every active band (700, 850, 1900, and 2100 MHz) used by the four major wireless carriers, with bandwidth remaining to provide network backhaul at 1 Gb/s as well as Wi-Fi capability. The system is also available in 900, 1800, 2100, and 2600 MHz versions for other international markets.

Dali’s advanced capacity management (load balancing) functionality can dynamically allocate network capacity on demand to any point in the system. Any signal in any band from any carrier can be connected to any remote under software control without hardware changes or cable-swapping typical of conventional systems. Capacity re-allocation can be performed automatically based on known events that occur regularly, or can be performed by the operator when traffic changes occur. Dali’s cloud-like architecture allows base station resources to be pooled together into one “base station farm” at any remote location. Over-provisioning is no longer necessary as additional base station resources can be augmented seamlessly to the base station farm at any time.

The Dali system provides wireless carriers and neutral hosts with total control of their resources. A tHost unit is dedicated to each wireless carrier, making carrier resources completely independent from each other and ensuring that each one is treated fairly in terms of RF output power and other functionality.

The complete Dali RF Router system as well as all t-Series products are available now, and the company provides comprehensive resources to support them including on-site training, 24/7 technical support, and other services. More information is available at, by e-mail at, or by calling (604) 420-7760.

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