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Dali Wireless® High Density System (HDS™) Wins “Best of Tower & Small Cell Summit” Award at CTIA...


Menlo Park, Calif. – September 10, 2014 – Dali Wireless, Inc., a global provider of advanced end-to-end digital RF Router® that transcends DAS, today announced that the High Density System (HDS) was selected as the recipient of the Best of Tower & Small Cell Summit Award. The Award recognizes sponsors and exhibitors at the Tower & Small Cell Summit who have made significant contributions to the wireless technology industry. Entries hailed from across the entire tower ecosystem, including antennas, RF components, small cells, distributed antenna system (DAS), backhaul solutions, power systems, site construction and management.

HDS, based on Dali’s RF Router, was chosen as the winner based on the judges’ assessment that it contributes to major improvements to the wireless infrastructure ecosystem. As a unique solution that can drive Software-Defined Networking (SDN) to the antenna, this revolutionary platform makes it suitable for many situations that require flexibility and scalability, including dynamic capacity allocation, intelligent coverage and cloud RAN. It can also serve as an end-to-end digital DAS, where the high capacity of macro cells from multiple operators, frequency bands, and air interfaces can be delivered precisely without traditional interference challenges, and in almost lossless conditions.

The Dali RF Router platform with its innovative end-to-end digital RF signal processing combined with software configurability extends SDN to the antenna. Software and intelligent systems replace hardwired radio resources. This means capacity and coverage are no longer static, but can be allocated to wherever and whenever needed, making the Radio Access Network (RAN) elastic. The resulting “Elastic RAN,” combined with the capability to support multi-standards,-bands and -operators, ultimately drives up performance and drives down the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for operators, system integrators, enterprises and neutral hosts. All these made Dali Wireless an easy choice as the recipient of this prestigious accolade.

“We are thrilled that the judging committee of the Tower & Small Cell Summit Award has recognized the unique capabilities of Dali’s High Density System, especially when we were shortlisted alongside other market innovators,” said Lance Craft, VP of Sales Americas at Dali Wireless. “With traditional DAS, operators need to support the wireless peak load for each individual service area where mobile usage and density are high. This makes it difficult for operators to realize OPEX and CAPEX savings. With HDS, systematic capacity over-provisioning is no longer an issue. We’re delighted that the judges acknowledged our significant contribution to improve the wireless infrastructure ecosystem.”

“We want to congratulate all Best of Tower & Small Cell Summit finalists for their innovation and forward-thinking approaches to improving wireless infrastructure,” said Conference Chair, Berge Ayvazian. “The competition this year was high, with so many impressive entries.”

For more information, visit Dali Wireless at booth #2462 at CTIA’s 4G World.

About Dali Wireless

Founded in 2006, Dali Wireless is a global provider of digital-over-fiber wireless distribution systems that provide significant advantages over traditional passive and active distributed antenna systems. It is the most versatile, cost-effective, best performing solution for extending the coverage and capacity of wireless carriers indoors and outdoors. More information is available at, by email at, or by calling (604) 420-7760. To stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and Dali Wireless news, follow us on Twitter @DaliWireless.

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Wendy Har (604) 420-7760 ext. 1205

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