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Dali Wireless™ Completes Oversubscribed $13 Million Preference Share Financing

Palo Alto, CA, May 16, 2012 – Dali Wireless, leader in next generation wireless infrastructure, today announced the closing of an oversubscribed $13M equity financing. This round of financing will fuel company’s rapid sales growth through aggressive market development.

Dali’s software configurable radio (SCR) systems for broadband applications deliver on the promise of dramatically higher radio capacity and availability. With a comprehensive suite of proprietary digital signal processing (DSP) and radio frequency (RF) technologies, Dali brings game-changing efficiency, control and flexibility to all mobile networks. The increased efficiency and utilization of both new and existing assets will fundamentally change the way operators think about their wireless networks.

This preference share financing was led by New Science Ventures and will enable Dali Wireless to be the leader in next generation wireless infrastructure, thereby meeting the market’s current and future network deployment requirements.

“We are very excited about the technical and commercial progress that Dali Wireless has achieved,” said Somu Subramaniam, Managing Partner of New Science Ventures. “With this round of financing, Dali is well positioned for great commercial success.”

About Dali Wireless, Inc.

Dali Wireless designs and develops software configurable radio (SCR) systems for broadband applications. The company offers Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) under t30™, tHost™, and t43™ brand names. Dali Wireless was founded in 2006 and is based in Palo Alto, California and Vancouver, British Columbia.

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