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Dali Wireless® Achieves World’s First 65 MHz Bandwidth Subsampled Digital Predistortion (DPD) High..

Power Amplifier

Palo Alto, Monday, April 30, 2012 – Dali Wireless, a leader in next generation wireless infrastructure, today announced it has achieved the world’s first 65 MHz Bandwidth Subsampled Digital Predistortion (DPD) high power amplifier.

Dali’s patented DPD multiple carrier power amplifier (MCPA) is a major breakthrough in high power wireless transmission. Until today, DPD had limitations on instantaneous bandwidth transmission. Traditionally, feedforward power amplifiers (PA) are used for wide instantaneous bandwidth requirements, such as high power transceiver systems for the PCS frequency band. Feedforward PAs traded off wider instantaneous bandwidth throughout, with much higher power consumption resulting in low power efficiency. The energy unnecessarily depleted from feedforward PAs results in high levels of heat, which then needed to be addressed with cooling.

Dali’s DPD technology is part of its suite of software configurable radio (SCR) technologies. The Dali DPD MCPA simultaneously delivers high bandwidth, high linearity and industry-leading power efficiency, even under difficult high peak-to-average ratio (PAR) requirements. The Dali DPD MCPA is modulation agnostic and remotely configurable. The high power efficiency from Dali DPD MCPA results in lower OPEX and carbon footprint.

About Dali Wireless, Inc.

Dali Wireless designs and develops software configurable radio (SCR) systems for broadband applications. The company offers distributed antenna systems (DAS) under tHost®, t30™ and t43™ brand names. Dali Wireless, Inc. was founded in 2006 and is based in Palo Alto, California and Vancouver, British Columbia.

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