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BC Technology Industry Association (BCTIA) Announces Dali Wireless™ as a Finalist in its Technology

Vancouver, BC, May 2, 2012 – The BC Technology Industry Association (BCTIA) announced the finalists for the 2012 Technology Impact Awards (TIAs). Dali Wireless is pleased to be a finalist under the awards theme of ‘BC’s Mark on the World’. Each year, the Technology Impact Awards are broken into various groups and Dali Wireless was nominated as a finalist in the Most Promising Pre-Commercial Technology category. Winners will be announced June 14th in an awards ceremony in Vancouver, BC. Numerous high-tech companies, including private and public, for profit and non-profit, were judged for the Technology Impact Awards competition.

The exponential growth of mobile data capacity is challenging traditional cellular networks. Dali Wireless has created a unique solution to address these capacity limitations by combining industry standard protocols with the culmination of over a decade of research and development in software configurable radio (SCR) technologies. SCR are a complex interplay of digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms, radio frequency (RF) technologies, intelligent network protocols and system architectures. Dali applies its proprietary SCR technologies to DAS, which enable high data throughput while providing efficiency, flexibility and control that is unparalleled in the DAS infrastructure industry.

About the BCTIA

The BC Technology Industry Association (BCTIA) is an industry-funded organization committed to growing British Columbia’s technology industry. As the Voice for Technology, the BCTIA has members across the province and includes technology and professional services companies of all sizes and from every sector.

The BCTIA offers programs and services that connect people, generate new ideas, and help companies grow. These include the Technology Impact Awards (TIAs), where excellence in innovation is celebrated, Peer2Peer groups, where members connect to learn, and Centre4Growth, where tech entrepreneurs connect with seasoned coaches to help guide them to the next level.

About Dali Wireless, Inc.

Dali Wireless designs and develops software configurable radio (SCR) systems for broadband applications. The company offers Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) under tHost™, t30™ and t43™ brand names. Dali Wireless was founded in 2006 and is based in Palo Alto, California and Vancouver, British Columbia.

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