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Dali’s SDN Radio Router™ Technology

Flexible Topology

Dali’s SDN Radio Router™ technology, with its inherent flexibility, enables multiple network topologies that cater to different deployments scenarios: star, chain, hybrid and loop topologies.

In a chain topology, a single fiber connects the first remote radio with the  headend, and the other remote radios are sequentially lined up along a single fiber line, or “daisy-chained”. The remote radios are equipped with a by-pass feature that retains connectivity along the chain in case a remote radio becomes inactive, e.g. during a power outage. This unique topology requires less optical fiber then the commonly used star topology and results in a lower deployment and operational cost.

In a loop topology, the last remote radio of a chain is connected back to the headend unit. This topology provides an alternative signal path to/from the remote radios in case the primary path is interrupted. This topology enables highest security.

Dali’s solutions allow each radio unit to be assigned to a single operator or shared between multiple operators. Each operator retains full control of its radio resources, output power level and capacity allocation, independent of the settings of other operators.

Each radio unit in the distribution network can be configured independently to handle a defined set of radio channels, fully independent of the settings on the neighboring radio units along the same fiber line.

This configuration flexibility is another unique feature enabled by Dali’s SDN Radio Router™ technology.

Dali’s SDN Radio Router™ Technology

About Dali Wireless

Dali Wireless provides wireless infrastructure that offers new and better ways to handle exponential growth in mobile data traffic.

Dali’s fully digital wireless signal routing solution revolutionizes in-building and outdoor coverage and capacity by eliminating interference and maximizing spectrum usage.

Mobile operators, large enterprises and public safety networks around the world deploy Dali technology to ensure high quality service and a seamless migration to 5G.

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