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#WirelessWednesday – With dynamic capacity allocation, is there a potential to cause interruption to services? For example, dropped calls.

April 29, 2015

Sectors (ie. cells with their baseband and radio resources) aren’t abruptly cut off like an on or off switch but rather re-allocated thus shifting capacity gracefully between different coverage areas. Let’s consider a multi-facility building with offices, restaurants and shops....

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#WirelessWednesday – What is the difference between RF switching and RF routing?

April 22, 2015

Topic: What is the difference between RF switching and RF routing? Answer: With RF switching, one RF input (BTS) is connected to several remotes in a star topology, and can switch on and off individual remote radios. However, the capacity is always...

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RF Routing Goes One Step Beyond C-RAN

April 20, 2015

With mobile data traffic growing exponentially and networks moving from coverage- to capacity-centric, operators’ revenues are not keeping pace with the increasing investments and operational expenditures. With that, revenue margins are decreasing and mobile network operators (MNOs) are looking at...

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RCR Wireless News: Virtualized RAN – bridging the network architectures of today and tomorrow

December 22, 2014

Large cellular radio access networks today have upwards of tens of thousands of base stations, which naturally means operational complexity. To complicate matters further, these base stations operate on multiple radio access technologies and different parts of the spectrum. All...

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Urgent Communications: Ensuring reliable first-responder communications inside buildings critical to public safety

November 4, 2014

For a consumer using a cellular network, losing a signal may be nothing more than an annoyance. But, for a first responder trying to execute a mission-critical application in the midst of an emergency, a dropped signal has a profound...

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Pipeline: Intelligent RF Routing and RAN Virtualization Puts an End to Wireless Over-Provisioning

October 29, 2014

The demand for reliable wireless indoor services is not a passing trend. Mobile communications usage has massively shifted from outdoor to indoor environments. The ubiquitous use of bandwidth-hungry wireless devices has made in-building wireless systems essential, much like standard building...

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RCR Wireless Reader Forum: Using Intelligent Wireless Routing to end In-Building Over Provisioning

August 29, 2014

More than 70% of mobile calls and more than 80% of mobile data usage today occurs indoors. The demand now is for reliable services and connectivity inside buildings in order to provide the same quality of experience for bandwidth-hungry applications...

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Interview: Pioneering RF Routers

July 23, 2014

The demand for mobile communication services is ubiquitous and transcends acutely into venues where subscriber density is high. This is where the mobile network is most vulnerable and would fail to meet the demand for capacity and quality of service...

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