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Q&A: The Evolution of Wireless Webinar #All-DigitalSolution

October 3, 2016

Q. What is max RF input power into DAS? Is there a need to have attenuator tray? A. Dali Matrix incorporates a modular headend unit which contains pluggable RF conditioning modules, active splitter-combiner modules and the host module which translates the RF content...

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Q&A: The Evolution of Wireless Webinar #All-DigitalSolution

September 30, 2016

Q. How much bandwidth do we need for the digital data stream that is transmitted? A. What we measure is the data rate of the digital data stream. The t-Series system uses 6Gbps, and Matrix system uses 10Gbps. Dali’s DAS platform is truly...

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Q&A: The Evolution of Wireless Webinar #All-DigitalSolution

September 28, 2016

Q. How do you address latency & redundancy issues? A. For latency, the maximum distance is determined by the modulation technology. With 4G, the maximum distance is around 20km with no loss using a digital solution over fiber. With Dali’s all-digital and software-configurable...

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Q&A: The Evolution of Wireless Webinar #All-DigitalSolution

September 26, 2016

Q. Your solution can provide cellular and Wi-Fi on the same digital backbone for in-building solutions. Other companies are doing this with parallel cabling in the same pull, how is the Dali system different? A. A. Other companies which provide an analog DAS...

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Q&A: The Evolution of Wireless Webinar #All-DigitalSolution

September 23, 2016

Q. Does the system configuration use CAT 6/7 cabling out to the antenna of the in-building systems? A. Since the Dali system is all-digital and uses SFPs (Small Form-factor Pluggable transceivers), we support single mode and multimode fiber, and CAT 6/7. However, there’s...

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ICT Today: Public Safety and Cellular In-Building Wireless – Separated or Integrated

September 22, 2016

One of the reasons for poor radio frequency (RF) penetration is that new buildings are designed to minimize energy consumption. These green buildings often incorporate additional insulation, tinted windows and other technologies that, while reducing energy consumption, also significantly attenuate in-building wireless signal penetration. To...

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Q&A: The Evolution of Wireless Webinar #All-DigitalSolution

September 21, 2016

Q. Being that the Dali system is all-digital, does it require a dedicated antenna in the ceiling for each band? A. The Dali system uses one antenna for four bands (t30 or hd30 low power remote) or two bands (t43 high...

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Q&A: The Evolution of Wireless Webinar #5G #RANVirtualization

September 19, 2016

Q. From the provisioning prospect, are we going to be provisioning RAN elements virtually at the CPRI level or are we still touching these elements? A. In the long term, the goal is to be able to provision RAN elements virtually...

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