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Background and Requirements

This hospital has over 400 physicians and 200,000 annual patient visits, and it requires a reliable solution to provide seamless mobile coverage and increased capacity to their physicians and patients. This has become extremely important to the hospital as their physicians depend on their mobile devices for real-time access to laboratory results and patient information while their patients require reliable connection for video chats and calls to stay connected to family and friends.

Minimal interruption to its regular day to day activities during installation is critical as the Hospital cannot afford to shut down the building for a lengthy and complex installation. Flexibility is also important as the hospital want its investment to last through any emerging and future standards and is flexible enough to support multiple mobile operators.


With flexibility and scalability in mind, the Hospital chose to deploy Dali Wireless RF Router®. The solution was designed for multi-operators, including the Tier 1 Operators.  3G and 4G LTE signal are fed by digital off-air repeaters and  eNode B Base station.  All of these signals are fed into one Dali’s tHost® and the signal is processed and transported over one fiber to 12 radio remote units, t30™, which are daisy-chained, to cover 4 floors, a total of 300,000 square feet.


With Dali Wireless’ solution, the hospital’s physicians and patients can now experience uninterrupted mobile service.

In many medical buildings, indoor cellular coverage is blocked as the building materials shield wireless signals from outside. Distributed Antenna Systems have been popular recently to solve this challenge. This hospital wanted to ensure that they invest in the future, so they chose Dali Wireless’ RF Router, as it is the only solution that’s scalable in coverage and capacity simultaneously. This will shield them from any future changes in their building plan and users’ base.

Also, with Dali’s solution, it supports multi-band and multi-operators’ 2G, 3G and 4G services in any frequency combination. This flexibility means the system is able to cope with any future requirements and growth. In addition, as all operators’ signals are processed and transported over one fiber to the remote radio units, less equipment are needed to be deployed, making installation much easier and faster.

Furthermore, in a multi-operator environment, power allocation is essential in guaranteeing that each Operator has the appropriate power budget even when the signal is processed and transmitted over one fiber to the remote radio units. With Dali’s patented power allocation technology, the Hospital has the ability to monitor and regulate power allocation on a per operator basis at the network level with a GUI. This ensures precise and accurate power allocation based on vendor standards to ensure no unfair advantages.

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