Introducing SDN Radio Router™ for Fronthaul Networks

March 21, 2018

Not only will more people be connected with 5G, many devices, machines, cities, and infrastructures will also be connected. While the applications and use cases of 5G are no doubt very exciting, it’s important to remember that 5G is yet another network rollout for the mobile operators.

Keeping in mind that they’ve already invested billions into their existing infrastructure, it is important to leverage as much of this investment as possible in migrating to 5G. Supporting legacy 2G, 3G and 4G networks is just as important as modernizing the networks in preparation for 5G. Having a fronthaul network in place that is backward compatible is vital.

Download this whitepaper to learn how Dali Wireless SDN Radio Router™ extends the virtualization to the fronthaul to enable an open RAN that will not only maximize the usage of mobile operators’ existing 2G, 3G and 4G infrastructure, but will serve as the foundation for 5G and network expansion for generations yet to come.