VicTrack connects PSOs with new comms technology

May 16, 2018

VicTrack, which owns the state’s transport infrastructure and assets, is a provider of core services to the transport sector and asset manager to support the delivery of better transport solutions in Victoria, Australia.

VicTrack is a licensed telecommunication provider that has an extensive fiber network that spans the state to provide a full suite of telecommunications services to the transport and government sector.

Following the introduction of Protective Services Officers (PSOs) at over 200 Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) railway stations to improve safety for rail commuters, Victoria Police identified specific areas within certain Metro stations where there is a requirement to enhance the public safety communications coverage to support the work of the PSOs.

The solution must be able to provide public safety coverage and access at all times, but can also leverage existing fiber infrastructure of VicTrack to deliver the required services and can expand easily to meet all future requirements.  In addition, VicTrack was looking for a solution that is digital, scalable and future proof.

With seamless communications and flexibility in mind, VicTrack selected telecommunications infrastructure provider Dali Wireless to design and deploy a P25 Phase I and II public safety digital Distributed Antenna System (DAS).

Dali Wireless digital DAS solution currently connects nine MTM railway stations to the Motorola Solutions’ base station through VicTrack’s extensive fiber network. Dali’s host unit is installed in the Metropolitan Mobile Radio (MMR) room managed by Motorola Solutions, and then cascaded to a second host at the VicTrack fiber hub site. This host inter-connection configuration enables both Motorola and VicTrack to independently access the system locally for control and management.

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