tHost® all-digital intelligent RF network router

The tHost can transmit and receive in parallel on four separate bands, and combines digital signal processing, routing, network switching, and optical transmitting and receiving capabilities.

It seamlessly integrates with Dali’s t30 low-power indoor or t43 high-power outdoor remotes and allows system intelligence to be expanded to the furthest remote.

Other tHost features include:

• 1U 19” rack-mount enclosure
• Cascadable to combine multiple bands, sectors, and wireless carriers
• Switches specific signals to any remote in milliseconds
• Consumes only 65 W
• Performs or enables network management, capacity on demand, channelization,
self-optimizing networks, Wi-Fi integration, real-time location positioning, security
and public safety functions, hardware integration, and customer-specified functions.

Download thost datasheet