tHost, Quad Band RF Router

tHost is an all-digital RF Router and a programmable software platform that forms the head-end of the tSeries network. The tHost accepts the input from cellular operators’ base stations and bi-directionally transfers four separate cellular bands to Dali’s suite of indoor and outdoor radio remotes. It can support up to six independent optical fibers. It also provides Ethernet backhaul at 1Gb/s for IP devices such as Wi-Fi access points and security cameras.

tHost connects with Dali’s suite of radio remotes in a “plug-and-play” fashion. When a radio remote is added to the network, it is automatically identified and configuration is performed at the user interface. To serve additional wireless operators, tHost units can be cascaded and their signals are digitally processed and combined. The aggregated content are sent over optical fiber to the remotes.

Key Features:

• Small form factor: 1RU 19″ rack mount

• Bandwidth of 164 MHz uplink + 164 Mhz downlink per fiber

• Single optical fiber with digital throughput of 6 Gb/s

• Automatic radio remotes identification and local web based management port for easy field installs and maintenance

• Global and custom bands available

• Programmable software platform for easy upgrades


For a detailed datasheet with specifications, please contact us at 1-855-250-5082 or