t30, Indoor Quad Band Radio Remote

t30 is a low-power (30dBm, 1W) quad-band radio remote designed for indoor applications. It bi-directionally transfers four wireless bands over a single optical SMF fiber (Single Mode Fiber) at 6Gb/s with optical link budget from 15dBo to 30dBo. It also accommodates 1 Gb/s Ethernet backhaul.

t30 can connect to Dali’s tHost RF Router in a star, daisy-chain, or hybrid star/daisy chain configuration. Dali’s ability to daisy-chain radio remotes reduces fiber requirements and installation costs.

Key Features:

• Small form factor: 12.9 x 18.9 x 4.6 in

• 30dBm / 1 Watt output power with no mechanical fans

• Bandwidth of 164 MHz uplink + 164 MHz downlink per fiber

• Integrated low and high power radio remote configurations

• Global and custom bands available

• 1 Gb/s Ethernet backhaul can carry IP traffic of Wi-Fi access points, IP appliances such as video surveillance, digital announcement systems, mobile advertising, and small cells

• Can be monitored and controlled locally via the Ethernet craft ports or remotely through the tHost

• MIMO and LTE ready

• Power consumption: 130 W

• Standard plug-and-play optical transceivers (SFP format)


For a detailed datasheet with specifications, please contact us at 1-855-250-5082 or sales@daliwireless.com