Interview: Pioneering RF Routers

July 23, 2014
The demand for mobile communication services is ubiquitous and transcends acutely into venues where subscriber density is high. This is where the mobile network is most vulnerable and would fail to meet the demand for capacity and quality of service without densification techniques where RF signals are distributed throughout the venue. Several techniques are used to distribute RF signals in venues that include passive and active DAS systems, small cells and compact base stations of different sizes and capabilities, and repeaters of different types.

In a new development, Dali Wireless has pioneered a solution based on RF routing where RF signals are packetized and routed in a fiber distribution network much as IP traffic would be. RF signals from the base station are digitized, packetized, and transported over fiber optical cables to remote locations that can be several kilometers away from the base station, where they are transmitted to provide wireless capacity and coverage exactly where service is required. In this interview between Frank Rayal, the founding partner at Xona Partners and Wolfgang Weber, VP Business Development at Dali Wireless, we learn about RF Routers®, their capabilities and differentiating features which are set to provide a leap in performance over existing practices for in-venue communications.

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