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Public Safety Blog Series: Trends and Requirements Which Drive the Need for In-Building Public Safety Coverage and Access

August 20, 2015

Having access to a wireless connection has grown from being desirable, to a more fundamental need. Users expect cellular access within their homes, in a stadium, or when in an airport terminal. But aside from what regular users desire, there...

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Public Safety Distributed Antenna System (DAS): Today’s and Future’s Requirements

August 14, 2015

For our webinar with 451 Research, “Public Safety Coverage Today and Impact of LTE”, we will be sharing a series of blogs that focus on public safety digital Distributed Antenna System (DAS) starting next week. We will discuss and explore: • The trends...

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#WirelessWednesday – What is Dali’s approach to Small Cells?

August 5, 2015

What are Small Cells? “SmallCell” is a generic name for a compact radio equipment providing coverage and capacity in a limited geographical area. It is a quick “point relief” for traffic hotspots or coverage gaps. Small Cells are also known by various...

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#WirelessWednesday – What is Dali’s approach to HetNet?

July 29, 2015

“HetNet” (Heterogeneous Network) is a network consisting of various elements with different characteristics. In a telecom environment, a HetNet could be e.g. a network of cellular, cable-connected and WiFi components, or comprising of various technologies such as microwave, cellular and fiberoptic transmission links. In the current business context, HetNet stands for...

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#WirelessWednesday – Can the mapping of the neighbor lists differ between operators sharing a SDN Radio Router? In many cases, the external macro cell coverage varies between networks, and the operators might be looking for different capacity/coverage from the same in-building system.

July 22, 2015

The system can be used by multiple operators in parallel. The capability of the virtualized RAN is shared by all operators utilizing the system. However, the usage of the system by one user does not impede usage by other users....

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#WirelessWednesday – In high rise buildings, the neighbor list changes as users go up and down within the building. Isn’t keeping a complete and accurate neighbor list a challenge with dynamic capacity allocation?

July 15, 2015

In high-rise buildings, users inside the building should always be served by the signal sources inside the building. Defining a large set of neighbor cells in various heights of the building is not helpful. This may then lead to handovers...

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#WirelessWednesday – Are the capacity allocation changes synchronized with the NMS for the individual operator’s macro cells? Would this have an effect on the neighbor lists and other aspects?

July 8, 2015

The changes are synchronized with the RAN configuration. This happens normally as part of the RAN planning when the parameters for the cells are defined and downloaded. Depending on the situation, there might or might not have an impact on...

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#WirelessWednesday – How do you expect the business model of RAN Virtualization enabled by SDN Radio Router to work in the multi-operator scenario?

July 1, 2015

The SDN Radio Router is perfect for a multi-operator scenario as it enables infrastructure sharing. It supports all global frequency bands, and is agnostic to different mobile operators, base station vendors and technologies. The SDN Radio Router is able to...

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