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Q&A: The Evolution of Wireless Webinar #5G #RANVirtualization

September 16, 2016

Q. Where do you see the role for DAS in the outdoor space versus small cell deployments? A. We see small cells as complimentary to a DAS where a small cell is defined as a low power base station with a protocol...

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Q&A: The Evolution of Wireless Webinar #5G #RANVirtualization

September 14, 2016

Q. Can you advise how it will be regarding the backhaul and fronthaul in 5G? Can and how will your products migrate with GPON for the backhaul? A. It is difficult to say what will happen with 5G at this point. It...

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Q&A: The Evolution of Wireless Webinar #5G #RANVirtualization

September 12, 2016

Q. Do your radio remote units support future higher bands (30GHz) for 5G in your roadmap? A. Yes, it is on our road map to support higher bands required for 5G in the future. Dali’s remote units have the unique ability to...

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Q&A: The Evolution of Wireless Webinar #PublicSafety

September 9, 2016

Q. Where are you seeing the government requiring a DAS solution for first responders? A. We are seeing more and more regional and municipal government agencies requiring a first responder in-building solution to be implemented so that new venue owners can...

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Q&A: The Evolution of Wireless Webinar #PublicSafety

September 7, 2016

During our latest webinar, "The Evolution of Wireless - Are You Ready?" we received many great questions. In the upcoming weeks, we will be sharing the questions and answers in this latest blog series #TheEvolutionOfWireless. To start off, here is the first Q&A: Q....

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The Evolution of Wireless Networks

July 5, 2016

The need to satisfy the exponential growth of mobile data traffic has led mobile operators worldwide to become more aggressive in purchasing radio spectrum. Even then, that’s not enough. Therefore, optimizing the usage of radio spectrum has become the primary...

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Healthcare Facilities Today – Case Study: Enhancing patient satisfaction and provider efficiency in healthcare with in-building wireless

June 1, 2016

Ensuring the health and well-being of patients is the primary objective of any healthcare facility. A successful healthcare operation not only incorporates great medical treatments and professional health-related feedback, but also reliable and efficient communication among all parties that are...

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AGL Magazine: Future Trends of Wireless Networks

March 24, 2016

With the maturation of network technologies, many of today’s networks primarily designed for voice are becoming saturated and stressed with unprecedented volumes of data traffic. Therefore, optimizing the use of spectrum, a finite resource, has become a priority for mobile...

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