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Dali Wireless’ Virtual Fronthaul Interface Opens RAN to 5G

March 1, 2018

Dali Wireless launched the second-generation Dali Matrix Virtual Fronthaul Interface (vFI) at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, which allows any baseband to be routed to any remote radio unit. The product, which follows the trend for open RAN to be a component of 5G networks, will be trialed by major operators in the United States and globally later this year. “While the applications and use cases of 5G are no doubt very exciting, it is important to remember that 5G is yet another network rollout for mobile network...

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Editor’s Corner—This is why the wireless industry is running from cRAN to vRAN to oRAN

February 27, 2018

Dali Wireless announced the launch of its second-generation Dali Matrix virtual Fronthaul Interface, which the company said is part of the oRAN effort.

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Future Ready: Dali Wireless’ hardware and software are adaptable to 5G and beyond

February 26, 2018

Like all technology, wireless communication is always changing. In recent years, network carriers have upgraded network broadband standards from 3G to 4G, with the 5G standard right around the corner.Distributed antenna system (DAS) provider Dali Wireless is more than ready to handle the next wave of wireless. “We are technology agnostic,” Vice President of Technology and Market Development Gary Spedaliere says. “As wireless systems evolve and change, we can handle new protocols and give users the ultimate experience in a wireless communication system.”Founded in 2006 by Chairman and CEO Dr....

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Dali Wireless introduces fronthaul for 5G at #MWC18

February 26, 2018

Cellular fronthaul specialist Dali Wireless has launched of its second-generation Dali Matrix Virtual Fronthaul Interface, vFI. This has been developed in response to increased interest from a variety of operators who need far greater flexibility in updating their networks for 5G. Virtualized fronthaul will be a key element in the new deployments because it enables operators to partition their networks far more effectively and this leads to greater levels of efficiency. A further advantage is that it enables considerable cost reductions because it allows generic processing platforms to be used with function...

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Dali Wireless promises cost efficiency in 5G networks

February 21, 2018

Dali Wireless announced the launch of its Dali Matrix Virtual Fronthaul Interface (vFI) to meet the demand for open RAN that will become a critical component of 5G networks. Menlo Park, California-based Dali Wireless said the latest version of the fronthaul solution will be solving vendor lock-in issues and lowering network rollout costs. Major mobile operators in the US and EMEA will be testing the Dali’s vFI later this year. The company does not disclose the name of these mobile service providers. The company claims that the open RAN enabled by Dali vFI will...

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Pre-MWC news as you like it

February 21, 2018

The Open RAN is a target for new wireless entrants that want to break up the dominance of the established NEPs by splitting the integrated link between the remote radio head and the baseband unit. Mavenir has been a strong proponent, and now comes Dali, which is proposing its second generation vFI. It says the release is in response to “heightened demand for open RAN to become a critical component of 5G networks, solving vendor lock-in issues and lowering network rollout costs.” Dali says its vFI will be trialed by major operators...

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Can Dali Wireless accelerate the vRAN race?

February 21, 2018

Dali Wireless is adding fronthaul protocol translation to its DAS solution in an effort to help operators mix-and-match different protocols, vendors, and technologies. The company’s intelligent router supports translation between CPRI, eCPRI, RoE, and Ethernet. These are all protocols that baseband units use to communicate with remote radios in distributed antenna systems. By translating these protocols, Dali hopes to give network operators more flexibility in their equipment choices. Virtual fronthaul could shake up the DAS market and eliminate vendor lock-in by enabling operators to connect radio equipment from different vendors. Dali...

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Virtual Fronthaul: Dali Wireless unlocks open RAN as networks transition to 5G

February 21, 2018

Dali Wireless, a specialist in wireless fronthaul innovation for virtual RAN, has launched its second-generation Dali Matrix Virtual Fronthaul Interface (vFI). The move follows heightened demand for open RAN to become a critical component of 5G networks, solving vendor lock-in issues and lowering network rollout costs. Dali’s vFI makes this a reality and will be trialled by major operators in the US and EMEA later this year. Dali’s second-generation vFI is built on the company’s core vFI platform which allows any baseband resource to be routed to any remote radio unit (RRU),...

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